Mike Gatti is a freelance animator, illustrator and character designer with over 21 years experience in the industry. He honed his skills working at Cuppa Coffee Animation Studios in Toronto, Ontario as a stop motion animator, creative director and character designer on many diverse projects that ranged from television series, music videos, commercial spots and film. Some of the clients include, Stoopid Buddy Studios, Walt Disney, AMC, HBO, Capitol Records, MTV, PBS, CBS and Alliance Atlantis. He served as creative director on a few spots for HBO including, HBO Millennium Bug and HBO Family 411, which were nominated for awards at Annecy, Houston, and won a British Design Award. His personal style is is a creepy cartoon look but he works with many clients with various design needs to meet their particular specifications. He also can work with a team of other professional freelancers in the industry such as lighting and sound technicians which allows him to take on large projects.

Mortimer's Monster is his first independently produced project and he hopes to continue making more original content.

Mike lives with his wife, an active 12 year old son and their rabbit, Figgy. In his spare time he enjoys writing and recording music, drawing and building model kits and lego with his son, Fenn.